the one where i talk about rejection

Hello World,

Let’s talk about rejection. We’ve all experienced rejection at some point in our lives. Whether you didn’t get into your dream school, that perfect job didn’t come through, or simply the guy you were into didn’t reciprocate. It can be a hard thing to process and move on from especially if you internalize the rejection.

If dating in silicon valley has taught me anything, it’s that you cannot take it personally. No matter how many times I come to the conclusion that anything that ends is for the best, there is the inherent “what did I do wrong?” line of questioning that I go through.

Let us walk through an example, we’ll use the last guy I dated and call him Jay*. So Jay and I met through a dating app and quickly hit it off. For the short 2.5 months that we dated we saw eachother almost every other day. He was attentive, he was a gentleman and he made me feel special. He complimented me like no had ever done before and he made me learn to appreciate and feel beautiful despite what I consider physical flaws.

We hung out a lot and he even offered to accompany me when I boldly proclaimed that I was going to go get a tattoo. He held my hand and didn’t make too much fun of all the crazy faces I made in the process. Then all of a sudden, he get’s a new job that’s out of the city and despite me being legitimately happy for him, I knew that this was ending. I don’t believe in long distance even if it’s only 40 miles, an hour train ride away, or whatever illustration shows that the distance was not terrible.

Long story short, within a week Jay completely became a different person. He no longer responded to texts the way he did before, he kept postponing and cancelling dates; in  essence he was trying to ghost me! Now i’ve been there done that with ghosting and it fuckin sucks on both ends of the spectrum — whether you’re the shitty person doing it or it’s done to you. So I’ve learned in the last couple of years to not ghost and actively call out those who are doing it to me and end things immediately. I don’t believe in stringing people along, or being kept on someones back burner.

So I called out Jay and we ended things soon after. It was an amicable break – but it stung, it hurt and it bothered the hell out of me. Despite knowing that this was the rational decision to make I couldn’t help but think that I just wasn’t worth a measly train ride. I thought that if he truly thought I was special he wouldn’t want to lose me. I thought that he would come to his senses and realize that he actually did like me enough and come running back to me.

Boy was I wrong, not only are these thoughts insane but someone not wanting to date me should not dictate my self esteem. Also, by not accepting distance as a legitimate reason to break up I was letting myself be delusional. Talk about being in denial in the face of rejection. Fast forward to 3-4 weeks post breakup and we had been texting and chatting and I of course mistook this for continued interest. In my mind, “i miss your sass” was “i miss you and i want you back” So with some liquid courage i finally asked the question i know that i didn’t want answered “do you want to keep dating or just be friends?” I sensed i was being strung along and knew that i would somehow rationalize it in my head unless i flatly asked. Needless to say, i got the answer i didn’t want and we have progressed to an actual break up. I know the truth, I have accepted the rejection and i have processed it. I know that i can’t take it personally and as easily as he came into my life he’s now gone and that’s ok.

Accepting rejection when it comes to us is an opportunity to evaluate our emotions and learn to deal with them. Putting off rejection or rationalizing it as something it’s not will come back to haunt you. Don’t do what i did, be better! Dating is hard and rejection is hard but it truly let’s you focus on what is more important in life. It’s also important to focus on the positive and loving people you have in your life. I knew that i had not done this with this breakup or my previous one and it’s time for a self proclaimed time out. I won’t actively seek out dates but if one comes along I won’t say no. I’m no longer on dating apps and when i go out meeting someone is the not purpose.

I’ve very excited to focus on me and my friends and see what life throws at me next — actually life happened as soon as I took this approach.

More to come on that!



*name has been changed


The one where i’m still talking about dating

Hello World,

So it turns out that sometimes when you go out on one date it can lead to another and another and another. Apparently this is called dating. Now I’m not very familiar with this version of dating so please bear with me as I try to explain and learn in the process.

So dating as I know it consists of going on dates with different people. Typically you meet someone (in person or via app) and seem to think “they don’t look like serial killers” and you organize an outing. In San Francisco this usually involves meeting in a public place for drinks. After that, if you both tolerated each other and/or had a good time you plan a second date and that usually involves an actual meal. After that I normally go back to step one. That is the kind of dating that I’m familiar with. It involves dates, but there’s also a lot of scouting and vetting that goes on.

Most recently this past April I matched with a guy on a dating app and didn’t think much of it. Truth is, while I may get (what I consider) a lot of matches I usually have a terrible response rate. I purposefully took myself off of the Bumble market because not one person that I messaged responded to me! Yes that’s embarrassing, yes I probably should’ve kept that to myself.

[This is the part where the story starts to get really long and drawn out and I provide more details than necessary]

Anyways, this guy messages me (I really wish I could remember what the first thing he said to me was, but given that the matches expire after 21 days we will never know!) Friendly chit chat ensues and after several rescheduling attempts we decide to meet for drinks on a Thursday. Drinks somehow turned into meeting for dinner and overall it was a good date. I wouldn’t say great because although the conversation flowed there were some instances of awkwardness at least on my behalf. I’m just awkward and painfully self aware of everything I do in the moment that I’m doing it, which can sometimes be a problem. Luckily there was a couple next to us that was having a date that seemed to be exponentially less good than ours and I think that helped us feel better about ourselves. (Seriously guys, this other date was BAD. They spent a majority of the date talking about the names of the dishes -_-  And yes, I was eavesdropping because I couldn’t pass up this gem of a date.) Alas, date ends, check comes (he paid, despite my card in hand and offer to split) and he says “I’ll get this one because I picked the place. You can get the next one.” Lyfts are called, (I EXCLUSIVELY only use Lyft. Don’t get me started on why I don’t use Uber. Please don’t, you’ll regret asking me.) cordial hugs are exchanged and we are both on our way.

Post date thoughts:

  • I should have had a drink before we met up.
    • I have a pre-date routine of sipping on a drink while I get ready, but I was coming straight from work and a meeting with a group that I volunteer with. The drink is absolutely a placebo to calm me down and ease my anxiety of the potential awkwardness that the date can be.
  • I was quite unsure of whether I felt “sparks” or thought we had “chemistry” but I’m a big believer in giving good dates a second date because I don’t think you can tell on a first date whether you’re compatible with someone and deep down (not that deep down) I’m a helpless romantic that believes in the process.
    • [SIDE STORY] I actually used a Lyft Line to get home that night and felt like I really hit it off with the guy I was sharing the ride home with. He was super charming and handsome and asked me for my number. He disclosed that’d he’d be out of town that weekend but would love to grab coffee the following week. I gave him my number but because I have a bit of control issues I told him that I’d be the one to text him to hang out. I never did, mostly because I hate the thought of dating multiple people at the same time. I like to exhaust one possibility and then move on. I feel like it’s unfair to the person if you don’t give them your full attention even if you only ever go on two dates. Different strokes for different folks (I know plenty of people who stack up dates and that works for them but that just doesn’t sit well with my conscience)
  • I was impressed with this guy’s level of confidence and attentiveness.
  • I appreciated being treated to dinner. While I am the type that always, always, always offers to split the bill on the first date (and I mean it, I’m not just ruffling in my purse — I don’t play those games) there was something alluring about how this felt like a real date you see on sitcoms and/or romcoms.

There is obviously more to this story but I will end this already long post with a quote from a random dude on twitter @sgrstk “Don’t wait for someone to text you first. Dating is like sharing nachos: If you see a chip you want, fucking take it. Or somebody else will.”

To be continued…



The one where i talk about dating

Hello World,

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I’ve got a pretty good rhythm going on in my life right now. I’ve been at my job long enough to know I’m doing enough things right that I won’t be fired (woooo!) And I’ve been putting myself out there in terms of being social and dating.

A bit of background on me and my dating history:

  • I’m kind’ve a huge loner. I don’t feel lonely when I’m alone and I think that’s an important distinction 🙂
  • I’m a helpless romantic turned semi realist, kinda cynical and definitely guarded when it comes to dating and love.
  • I’m an excellent wing woman!
  • I have succumbed to the world of dating apps (except Tinder).
    • However, I don’t have much luck on those. I’ll spare you the details of why I think that is.
  • Now, I won’t claim to have ever actually experienced love in the romantic sense but I do know that I’ve liked a person enough that when things ended I was sad for more than two weeks.
  • I’ve also been cheated on twice (there’s only been three relationships in my life; so take that as you will) and as a result I’m really paranoid about that happening again.
  • I’m terrible at expressing emotions or feelings in front of others, unless those feelings are about wanting fries.
  • I’ve got the first date routine down to a science.
  • I’m terrible beyond date two because I NEVER get passed date two.
  • I’m very guarded even in my friendships and it takes A LOT of trust to get me to open up about things. So If I do open up, know that it’s genuine and I care about you.

That sums up most of who I am and how I am as a dater. In my next blog post I talk about how the dating is going.

Stay tuned!