the one where i talk about time

Hello World,

Time is amazing. It allows us to literally live life and everyday do or not do a million things. It also heals ailments, whether physical or of the heart. Turns out then when i go through a breakup there are a few things that I don’t let myself do because I know it’s unhealthy. There are also a lot of things that i stay away from so that they don’t trigger either sad emotions or the wrong kind of thinking for i then just wallow in self pity about how i am going to be forever alone.

With the last guy that I dated i had started watching Parks and Rec and had gotten thru 6 seasons with him and was utterly hooked. We’d watch together all the time and since we broke up I hadn’t been able to watch alone because it just reminded me too much of the time we had together. (It’s amazing how the little things really do affect you the most)

Proud to say that i was finally able to watch the show tonight and all is well. I think i’m well over “it” but still don’t want to see him at any social engagement in the near future. If any event that i’m invited too says he’s going i don’t go or even think of going. I know that it is silly but i know myself and it would bother me to see him just exist happily without me. It sounds super weird to write that but it’s how i feel. I’m healing slowly and am in a better place each day 🙂

Time really does heal all!



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