the one where i talk about another boy

Hello World,

Oh how time flies! I’m once again back and nursing yet another sting in the world of dating. When will I ever learn? We won’t get into that because the answer is not anytime soon.

So what happened now? To make a long story short i rushed into dating another guy fresh out of a multi year relationship and thought that by having the “are you sure you’re ready to date” convo early on that it wouldn’t be a problem. Truth be told he just wasn’t ready to date and i’m too “not chill” to put up with anything less. This was brought to light by me acting incredibly stupid and embarrassing both of us in front of many people. While i regret my actions that night I don’t regret that it shed light on the bigger problem that was eventually going to creep up. A short relationship is so much better than feeling like you wasted time on something that you should have known better about.

So who was this guy? He’s someone that i’ve known since freshman year of college but hadn’t really interacted too much with. He’s a great guy who still makes me laugh and smile and we’ll continue to be friends — probably better friends because we actually got to know each other. I immediately felt comfortable with him and was able to by myself and let go more than with anyone I’ve ever been with. While we only dated for 1.5 months — the relationship (minus the one night) were great. We both made each other laugh and we talked so so much. We shared experiences about our childhoods, our dreams, our regrets and also made fun of each other for the dumb shit we did. He supported my new found love of knitting and was honest about how basic he thought my tattoo was.

At the end of the day we’re both better off not together but for a brief 1.5months we had fun. We watched 6/7 star wars movies together(I had never seen ANY of them) and he introduced me to Parks & Rec as well as taught me how to play some poker on the last day we spent together. I kicked his butt at skeeball and we made silly bets we never to got to actually do. While i will mourn the loss of this, it’s nothing in comparison to the times well spent. We will both move on and have to accept that timing is everything in relationships and it just wasn’t in the cards for us.

For now, i’ll go back to focusing on me, my friends and my volunteer opportunities. I’ll take the much needed dating break that i’ve needed since August and let the universe do its thing. I’ll stop obsessing over the nonexistent texts and the nonexistent demands on my time. I’ll try each day to be more mindful of living in the moment and taking care of myself because none of us are getting any younger. Maybe i’ll finally buy that turtle i’m always talking about getting.

More to come.




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