Hello World: Parte Dos!

I was extremely excited to start my blog and share my stories but life has a way of getting away from you! I quit my job June 31st, and enjoyed a wonderful month of birthday celebrations all through July, and once I actually dove into job hunting it overtook my life. That basically sums up my disappearing act. I have some tidbits to share with you as I begin to acclimate myself to normal life again.

Let me share the secrets of unemployed life:

  • It is not glamorous in the least bit.
  • Having the ability to sleep all day loses its appeal after a couple of weeks.
    • However, the ability to take a nap at 3pm will NEVER lose its appeal.
  • Job hunting is way more than a full-time job!
  • No matter how used to rejection you are, it can still take a toll on you.
  • Interviews were created for the sole purpose of making you learn way too much about a company and evaluating the few social skills you haven’t lost while unemployed.
  • It really is all about who you know. It at least guarantees a personalized rejection, as opposed to the abyss of silence that is the job application world.

I have finally accepted a new job and I think that means the end of my unemployment, but more on that later.